Le Tour De France

NOVEMBER 17, 2014 by steffchris


I ordered my first passport with no definite plans for international travel in the near foreseeable future.  All I knew was I wanted to be ready when the time presented itself.

It has been stashed away in my home for months now, but in less than one month, I will pull that baby out and get some stamps in FRANCE! (didn’t mean to rhyme there)

I am so happy and honored to be touring France with the Black Rock Coalition.  I will be a member of an all female collective paying tribute to black female singers/songwriters.  This my friends, is one of my dreams coming into fruition.

I have never been to Europe and now I have the blessed opportunity to see France and perform with an amazing group of women who I am lucky enough to call friends including Tamar-kali and Kat Dyson.

All I wish now is that I paid more attention in French class……….